jeudi 9 août 2012

"I'm not a murderer, some of my friend are alive."

Hello helloooo ! Today, an english post ! yaaay
Mmh, well, I think I'll just do franglish as always.

Today i'll speak about KERA (august 2012), because I (at least.) found the scans ! And I always love summer KERA, they're always more colorfull and funny !

Here is the cover page, with Akira, my favorite KERA's model ♥ 

I'm not going to show you all the magazine, but here are the page that I specially loved :

too cuuuute, even if the red shoes are like intrusers, blue or purple would be better

That's a cool make-up, without circle lens of course... I should try it !

Kyary & yukata... I would love have one, just to try ! And those are soo sweet !

What a cool entry in the street snap part ! I love that outfit ! Maybe wanting the bag, but it dosn't spoil so much~

Haha that's the girl I mentioned in an article before ! She's very in the strange fashion of Harajuku growing today... 

OKAY, just look at bottom right. THAT'S SO CRAZY AND CIRCUS AND I caaaan't 

Kurebayashi & Junnyan ♥ I don't really like Kurebayashi's outfit here, that's too "missy"... I don't know... 

She's here again, in a better oufit (in my opinion)~
That haircut is sooooo cool ! 

Bonjour nous parlons français. (just for the french name hahaha *out*)

Okay, their new PV isn't so good as before, but it's really nice to listen ~ And their outfits are just awesome ! 

A page empty of good outfits ~A lot are in the "bigger ones", is pretty rare !

PMAAAAAA I always wonder have something of this brand... 

HADEKOOOOOO haha I wasn't expected hadeko in this KERA, it was a very good surprise !

That's it for KERA, don't hesitate to tell me your point of view ! 

mmmh, what can I tell you more... Last week-end, we visit an old farm with my parent (we want to move in campaign and my parents want an old house~) I took some photos !

There were a lot of bones in the garden... Bones of cows. I was like "AWH THAT'S SO BIG LOOK MUM !" haha she didn't like it. 
The owner has a litlle whapel next to his house, he accpeted to make us visited. I don't like the princip of religion, but I looove chapel & church. It's such a beautiful architecture. Even if it was a lot of money wasted by the catholic instead of feed people. But that's another subject. 

Let's regress to Harajuku. Some outfits or look I loved :
(Haru from la Rainbow Team ♥)
Okay most of them are on my tumblr. 

My last outfit, I have only one because, work+summer=ican'tdresspropely, and it's not really good... sorry. :

I have nothing more to say, so here is a photo of Kronk. 

oui, Kronk mérite d'être plus grand que mes outfit d'inspiration du moment. ouiouioui

Ma vie est passionnante et je vous en remercie 

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  1. Aziii enfin le keraaa la mon dieu. Quand j'ai vue ça chuis tout de suis aller le downloader pis le regarder (avant de lire ton article pasque ça m'aurait spoilé)pis bof.
    J'ai quand même ete contente pour le bout de Hadeko. Pis le outfit circus jme suis dit obligé que tu le poste 8D Bref
    pis la maison ye belle mine de rien pis les os c'est chic chic pour halloween.
    pis pis voila*s'endors*

    1. Bonjour mes posts sont prévisibles XD Naan mais c'est vrai que c'est pas le top non plus~ à côté de celui de 2011 8DD *capote encore*
      Gnniii oui elle était parfaite cette ferme mais ya vraiment beaucoup de travaux, genre dans le grenier on voit le mur barre 8D.

  2. *s'attendait à voir la recette* :o
    Bonjour chère magnifique ferme. COURS VIVRE LA-BAAAS 8D
    Et la chapelle là elle est genre superbe ! *O*

    1. Hahaha une prochaine fois peut-êtreee pour des receeettes
      Oui elle était belle, mais beaucoup en ruines. Bonjour gouffre financier 8D