lundi 20 août 2012

We diguise ourselves as human beings.

Last week, I was on holidays in familly in Bretagne (french region) and I was next to Nantes (big french city, very active) and guess who I met ?

Hell yeah, that was sooo cool ! Maybe it was a little bit too hot outside, (so my legs were naked KSJQKHDK) but whatever. Pictuuuures :

6% Dokidoki, Sugarpop petticoat, Mow's minizine, CDZA.

 Shopping, sun, zines, ice-cream, gossip chatting, game... It was a cool afternoon  We also provide a loooots of meetings, 8D. *hope* 

I go (again) on holidays with my parents... Tomorow ! So I don't have so many thing to say... And I don't have any camera anymore, since I lost mine and the last one is broken.... *crying*
I bought a lot of things on holidays ! A Hello Kitty gourd (up), a bento-box hamburger (hjdqjkshdkhskd), some bracelets, a green skirt, some stickers, one wallet... I always bought a lot of things okay. And I can't take photos. djskqjdhks 

Mmmh, otherwise, I'm very obsessed by Shin's lighter... 
I love Nana and I'm just a big fangirl. (I already have the riiing) 

I really have NOTHING to say. 
Oh, here is my new version of the "mots clés" : (french...)

Not so fun as the last, but I just love look at it.

And I want to watch Grease. 

Ma vie est passionante et je vous en remercie 

2 commentaires:

  1. Oh un pooost <3 *danse*
    Mais WTF les mots-clés svp O_O *ne comprendra jamais*

  2. Hiii j'ai bien reçu ta lettre ♥
    Dès que tu seras revenue de Dordogne, poste donc un petit billet ici :3 !